When someone says they don’t like 30 Rock

This rarely happens.

But when it does………OH TINA FEY!!!!

When my grandpa calls me by the dog’s name

Aw but he’s so cute. I don’t care.

What we all look like when we laugh at a stranger’s conversation, then pretend to have our attention focused elsewhere when they notice us

When my grandpa tells an off-colour/racist joke, but doesn’t realize what he’s done wrong

But I love him anyways.

Absolutely any time Bust a Move by Young MC comes on

and so are you

Whenever I go for a run and don’t die, I come back home and just feel like…

The one socially inept friend that somehow still ends up making you feel better

Everytime my boss catches me dancing

This happens a lot

This, but with less happy is driving on winter roads that are not sanded or salted because my town cares more about smartboards than safety

UGH rant

laugh with me at these gifs and lovely life happenings if you will

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